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Dreams are our subconscious mind attempting to make us consciously confront our fears, thus enabling us to control, conquer or dismiss them.


 School Magazine Article 1995


 That time again, what do we do this year? What can we do that is new, exciting, never been done before? A meeting! We'll have a meeting to get ideas. Who? Students reps, from each year level: those who are likely to be in it this year and have done a few already. Kym Maziakowski & Nina Hassam from 12, Michael Debnam & Nicole Cremer from 11, Megan Hammond & Marni Hassam from 10. What staff? Bob Weatherly, Robyn Horley and Neville Philp, they were great in 94! Doug Vaughn, wants to be involved! Ian McCloud, winner twice at Reynella East and finalist at Morphett Vale - YES!


Plenty of ideas? Not really ! A few. One idea in my mind keeps coming back from a video that was watched. FALLING. Could we really make the audience think they were falling in the Festival Theatre? How to do it? What could it be a part of? More meeting: more discussions: more talking with everyone. BEDS. Seen a dance piece that used beds and looked stunning. How to use this with falling? What, what, what to use THIS TIME. Hey, great track by Janet Jackson: right length, 6 mins 58 sees. Ian McCloud talking about his dreams, really weird!!! Yes, BEDS, DREAMS, FALLING, what other nightmares? claustrophobia, being chased, afraid of snakes? YES. What then? Take control, be in charge: THIS TIME.


Auditions, about 130 to took at for a cast of 60. Really hard task, many sessions but finally have chosen: those who missed out were really unlucky, please try again next year. Allison Kilsby got in this year and found it really worthwhile persisting. Rehearsals start in term 2. Feeling our way, great input from Annabel Baker-Dinsdale with the Army choreography. Dreamers start to improvise their moves on the beds and come up with some great stuff, we'll just rearrange. Mel Jan (ex student now at BA Dance Course) comes in to work with the demons. The snakes start to get their slithering in order. How to show the Falling? get Philpy on the job. Large tripod to suspend Nina, buy a good harness, make a backdrop. BACKDROP? - To make it work needs to large Yes it WAS the largest ever used at The Festival Theatre for any show, 25 metres long by 15 metres wide. It took about 10 hours to sew together and an unbelievable amount to paint - But it worked! And costumes for 62 performers, huge thanks to all the parents, we can't do it without you.


What a day? Everyone excited? You bet! We're on first. Bet they thought we'd take forever to set up with our reputation for big sets but as usual our crew were excellent. Run through a bit down on performance, lacked energy but we'll be better tonight AND we were. Great performance that made the short list. Now we wait for the finals announcement. YES. We get in and are listed as Item 10, last item, second half is good luck, the tenth Eisteddfod is good luck.


 Over three nights, last one is judged. Excitement is very controlled. The build up is excellent, WHAT PROFESSIONALISM from a group of students: And the winner of the Award For Excellence is... "SEAVIEW" Congratulations and well done to everyone who was involved. The piece was sensational, the approach was excellent and it was an absolute pleasure for everyone to be involved.


Congratulations to the true and worthy winners! You looked absolutely stunning on TV. You've taken the Eisteddfod event to new heights.


Every year I've always been hopeful 
Standing on the stage at the very end

And every year they'd always pick

The same one I'd recommend

But this year it was different

THIS TIME I'm on the winning side
 And just like every other school

 We'll hang our trophy with pride

After all the hard wok and determination

At the very end, we all just knew

Standing there with 9 other schools
THIS TIME twas definitely SEAVIEW








Kym Maziakowski    dreamer

Rebecca Bruce    dreamer

Alison Carlson     guard

Anthea Fogarty     guard

Nicole Cremer     dreamer

Charlene Roberts    dreamer

Elissa Jolley    army

Jane Potts    snake

Megan Hammond    dreamer

Bianca Brady    snake

Marni Massam    dreamer

Hayley Shepherd    dreamer

Catherine Bishop    demon

Kylie Phillips    guard

Rebecca Denton    demon

Danae Klaver    demon

Loraine McMinn    snake

Lauren Corsey    guard

Belinda Snell    snake

Jenifer Morony    demon

Aimee Rowe    army


Sue Harris    costumes

Lesley Bew    costumes

Sue Fallowfield    costumes

Sue Kerr    costumes

Beverley May    costumes

Carol Roberts    costumes

Gelda Kilsby    costumes

Marilyn Pascoe    costumes

Margaret Hassam    costumes

Barb Maziakowski    costumes

Gail Veinberg    costumes

Joylene Morony    costumes

Sue Coker    costume



Daniel Jenkins    dreamer

Annabel Baker-Dinsdale     army

Michael Debnam     army

Anita Field   guard

Briohny Fallowfield    dreamer

Jo Veinberg     dreamer

Kelly Harris    army

Adam Smith    demon

Elizabeth Smith    army

Natalie Winn    army

Casey Bew    snake

Alison Kilsby    army

Cheryl Haynes    demon

Lauren Pascoe    army

Kerrie May    demon

Mersina Stergiou    demon

Kristy Richmond    guard

Veronica Bailey    army

Vanessa Brady    army

Lauren Gepp    demon

Beth Tomlin    demon


Richard Touhey    crew

Adam Hawes    crew

Sam Adcock    crew

Clive Haskins    crew

Shane Roberts    crew

Paul Banyer    crew

Robyn Horley    rehearsal

Mel Jan    co-choreograher

Neville Philp    stage manager

Ian McCloud    director

Bob Weatherly      coordinator 





Jenna Burbidge    dreamer

Nina Hassam     dreamer

Simon Griffiths    demon

Amy Coker     dreamer

Sasha Frost    dreamer

Rachel Ingerson    army

Julie Laxton    demon

Mark Roberts    demon

Georgina Campbell    guard

Robin Haskins    guard

Jessica Ward    guard

Belinda Jones    demon

Kim Fallowfield    demon

Debra Patritti    snake

Megan Kerr    snake

Hayley Cummings    army

Jodie Sherrington    demon

Ben Donohue    army

Ingrid Gray    demon

Cassie Hammond    snake


Scott Sherrington    crew

Amanda Gierszon    crew

Vanessa Noble    crew

Ben Gallasch    crew

Vicky Stimson    crew

Heath Johansen    crew

Shae Tilbrooke    crew

Nicola Veinberg    crew

Carly Hassam    crew

Doug Vaughan   gofa

Heather Bushell    makeup

Jenny Hilterbrand    make up









Music was "THIS TIME" by Janet Jackson from the JANET CD

"a 30 sec clip can be heard by coping this link into real player"